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    Phoenix Soleil: Trainer and Facilitator

    The most important ingredients to her

    trainings are fun, passion and intimacy.

  • Upcoming Events

    Nurturing a More Playful Relationship to the Present Moment

    Daylong Retreat with Phoenix Soleil

    Sunday, August 25, 10 am – 4 pm

    Brattleboro VT


    In the teachings on Right Effort, the Buddha gave clear guidance on how to abandon unskillful mind states and develop more skillful ones. The cultivation of joy and loving-kindness are emphasized repeatedly as supporting factors on this path. Follow this link for more information: Playful Relationship 



    Metta in Community

    Experiments in Buddhist Inspired Relational Practices, with Phoenix Soleil

    Saturday, September 7, 1-5pm

    Portland, ME


    In this 4 hour workshop, we will be experimenting with how to make the community support more palpable, so that we may experience more support with the difficult challenge of loving ourselves and each other. We will have traditional Metta (lovingkindness) practice, relational practice in small groups and diads, and walking meditation.

    Please email portlanddharmahouse@gmail.com for more information and to register.



    Liberating the Heart, Dismantling Dominant Culture through our practice of Dharma

    A Retreat with Arinna Weisman, Phoenix Soleil, Lyn Fine & Joshua bee AlafiaIn

    September, 13th to the 22nd 2019

    Dhamma Dena, Joshua Tree, CA


    Our intention in this ten-day retreat is to support increasing our resilience and internal resources so that we may better partner across differences and navigate complex situations in alignment with our values.

    Follow this link for more information Liberating the Heart



    Day-long retreat with Phoenix Soleil, co-hosted with Open Door Sangha and Portland Dharma House

    October 5: 10 to 4 pm

    Portland Maine


    More Info will be posted here soon.


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  • Photos & Videos

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    Sharon Salzberg & Phoenix Soleil:

    "Fierce Compassion & Self Care"

    | Talks at Google

    Diversity and the Dharma: Challenges and Opportunities

    Phoenix is honored to have been interviewed for the Diversity and the Dharma, a series of video interviews with Insight Meditation Society teachers and staff.

    Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Phoenix Soleil

    Panel at the Open Engagement Conference

    April 30th 2016 at the Oakland Museum of California. Panelists who have done work on race privilege and oppression (personal and/or professional) modeled some of the possibilities of collaboration, vulnerability, and accountability for conference attendees.

    Facilitating and Training

    Improv Games to Connect with Feelings

    Empathy Documentary Project:

    Insights into Empathy

    What you say next can change the world.

    Monthly call in program where role players act out conflict situations, Conflict Hotline #2, Pt 4 of 6

  • Audio Interview of Phoenix

    Phoenix is a guest on KPFA

    She discusses the use of Nonviolent Communication in diversity and inclusion work.

  • Phoenix Interviews Guests

    Phoenix interviews Sharon Salzberg

    Working with Mindfulness and Loving kindness at Work

    Phoenix interviews Oren Jay Sofer

    Awareness of Deeper Needs & Meeting them Mindfully

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  • Past Events


    Anti-Racism Evening with Phoenix Soleil (in English)

    Frankfurt, Germany Thursday, June 19, 2019


    We explore some uplifting concepts and developments in US Anti-Oppression work and discuss how that can apply to German struggles. Follow this link (antirassismus-abend-mit-phoenix-soleil) for more information.


    Tension, Conflict & Creativity

    - Tools for collaboration and choice -

    Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 12:30 PM – 8 PM

    Beatrijsstraat 10, 2531 XE The Hague, Netherlands


    The artist collective, Helicopter, is excited to host a Nonviolent Communication workshop taught by Phoenix Soleil for cultural workers interested in learning new skills and tools for collaboration. Follow this link (Workshop) for more information about it or use the contact form below for more info.


    Women's Retreat

    April 27th - May 1st, 2018

    West Cork, Ireland


    Phoenix Soleil led an all women international nonviolent communication 4-day retreat. Offering an opportunity for women to deepen their communication skills. Follow this link for more information about it: Women's Retreat


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